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 Shop No.S00020 (Entrance 2), West Gate Shopping Centre, 120 Ontdekkers Rd, Johannesburg, 1724, South Africa

 +27 11 768 0008

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altefyn Marinda Marinda van den Bergh - Owner

Marinda had been baking for 12 years on her own, when eighteen years ago, her husband Andre, decided to join her in the baking industry, as a husband and wife team. André used to run a lucrative, but slightly higher risk on return business of his own. The baking company was blooming and they opted for the baking business which they run from a converted double garage and a large home kitchen.

With 4 giant mixers, ten stoves, 6 full time helpers and masses of ingredients it certainly looks more like a huge production than a home industry!

Marinda and André supply various home industries in their area, but also had orders as far afield as Richards Bay on the North Coast of Natal. This order came about when a specific customer tasted their malva pudding at a friend's home in Krugersdorp. The cakes and puddings got transported to Richards Bay on a Cool Truck that delivered vegetables to the Johannesburg Fresh Produce Market.

But, as the saying goes, you can’t keep a good man (or a woman) down.

Altefyn Home Industry started in 1983; Marinda joined the shop some years later as a baker looking to earn some extra income. After a couple of years she become part owner and still supplied her own products to this small shop in Westgate Shopping Mall.

Today she is full owner with her husband and the shop that used to be a “tuisnywerheid” is now a larger hugely successful cake, novelties and gift shop, specializing in amazing and mesmerizing wedding cakes that go as far as Botswana, Lesotho and the North West Province.

Never did she think the business would grow in such a manner when she teamed up with her Husband. But, as we married souls know well enough, working (literally) shoulder to shoulder with your husband can sometimes be tricky!

This industrious couple have now decided that amongst all their orders they wanted to focus their attention on their own cake shop in Westgate Shopping Mall and make it the foremost cakes, wedding cakes and specialty cake shop on the Westrand, in Gauteng.

But how do André and Marinda manage this? “Well, at the beginning” says Marinda, “it was sometimes tough,” and when she saw a banana bread come flying in her direction she retaliated with a sponge cake. But, after a while, things settled into place. They have now been working together as a successful team for years. He has his responsibilities and she has hers.

They are looking forward to seeing you in their shop soon!

 Papali - Head Decorator / Shop Manager

Meet our wedding cake whisperer and shop manager, Papali.

Marinda handled the wedding cakes (baking and decorating) mostly on her own, with some help from her staff for many years.

But when the shop started getting famous for its wedding cakes, future wives streamed into the shop in the hundreds… and Marinda knew then that she needed a dedicated full time wedding cake expert.

She advertised a position for a new employee who had background in wedding cakes and Papali was the first to apply.  After the interview process Marinda knew she had the right girl who would take her wedding cakes to the next level, and so began the amazing partnership between these two.

Not only does Papali manage the shop in Westgate Shopping Mall, she also makes the time to decorate these captivating wedding cakes. 

A mother of 3, dedicated wife and an amazing cake decorator are but a few things we can say about this force we call “the wedding cake whisperer”.

Papali went so school, graduated matric and after school she studied the fine art of cake decorating, she worked in numerous catering and food fields until she found Altefyn Cakes.With a lot of experience under her belt, she settled in with the rest of the Altefyn team and started creating even better, weird and wonderful cakes. There is no end to her talent.

Marinda says “We are extremely fortunate to have her as part of our team and looking forward to many years in cake creating”.

Customers are flocking from every province, even Botswana just to get their special cake from Altefyn Cakes.

Come judge our cakes for yourself !

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